Video Surveillance

Ensures you always have Remote and Wide Area Coverage, Premises Security, and Mobile Surveillance

No matter the size or scale of your location, we specialize in designing systems with the widest possible coverage. We build and tailor your systems with your business processes in mind. We deploy motion detectors, cameras, and surveillance that you can access remotely from wherever you are, and set up alerts and notifications that keep you informed of all activity even when you are away.

Have up-to-the-minute access to what is happening inside and outside your property from anywhere at any time. Digital HD 2.4 cameras and systems offer facial recognition, line crossing, people counting, and alarming features to give you 24/7 recording. Video surveillance can help you recover lost belongings, prosecute offenders, and monitor everything that goes on around your premises from any device with internet access.

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"Cameras for every application and environment.
All systems can include remote, cloud-based access to live and recorded footage."


“At our downtown commercial use building, InterfaceTek installed surveillance cameras both inside and outside the building. We often rely on the digital footage to identify vandals. In the four years we’ve owned the building, the local police department has reviewed our footage on four separate occasions to investigate activity on the street outside the building. We are secure in knowing that we can see the activity at the building at any time from any computer!”

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